Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year's Resolutions: Build the Esther Fund

January 1st is a symbolic day for many people. Some people resolve to lose weight, some to stop smoking. Some people resolve that this will be the year that they get that job they've always wanted, and some resolve to read War and Peace (or dare I say the Bible).

For many men, this may be the year that they resolve to kick their habit with pornography. For a good number of them it will be their first attempt, and for many others it will be the latest attempt in a string of many. This is an admirable resolution, to be sure, but it can sometimes be difficult to make a resolution that is about abstaining rather than indulging. Pursuing holiness is a scary task, especially when the reminders of our sinfulness are so easy to come by. But the life of Christ is not just marked by sin-avoidance. Jesus did not just go through life doing a sin slalom course - weaving through the lying, adultery, stealing, murder gates of life. The Christian walk is marked more by the "do untos" than the "don'ts".

So my challenge to all of the men who want to do more than just avoid temptation is to direct that energy to something productive. Let's find ways to "do unto" others rather than just have our personal "don'ts". Direct your life in such a way that it is towards something that may help you become more 'others-oriented', and to find ways to journey towards holiness by caring for those who have had the sacred stripped from this world. If you are looking for something specific, might I suggest The Esther Fund.

The Esther Fund was created by those at to assist porn stars who industry. They provide education, counseling, medical help, referrals to churches, mentoring, financial aid, and more. For almost 8 years they have visited numerous adult industry conventions across the world sharing the good news of Christ and offering real assistance to those who have been used by the industry the most.

Over the next few weeks, I will be blogging about opportunities to contribute to this fund and to be working towards something rather than just trying to avoid porn. For those of you who are looking to do more than just cleanse your conscience, let's find ways to mend what has been broken - the lives of women who have been consumed by pornography.

My resolution for this year is to tithe any funds I receive from Wired for Intimacy-related sales, speaking honorariums and workshops to The Esther Fund.

May the Peace and Hope of Christ be with everyone in 2010 and let's help build the Esther Fund. Who knows; it may be a modern day Esther that helps lead some of God's people out of slavery and bondage.

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